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Inner voice in control - outer Voice muted... danger danger rant
So I was thinking, maybe based on the large amount of wine i had earlier about getting older. Today I went to the opticians to get new glasses.. and he mentioned I might need reading glasses soon.. that they would help. After he gave me a demonstration I saw he was right. Now it is the curse of the young to waste the youth that they are given. It is the curse of the elderly to recognize the youth and see what they have wasted. Now the young say that age is only in the mind, and maybe some of the foolish elderly do believe that. I find that REPULSIVE and MORONIC.. go ahead.. I want you to find a 90 year old and challenge them to a game of tackle football. (Man I would pay to watch big James do that) This stupid joke is another Hollywood BS up there with true love (sure there is only one out of 6 billion out there for you.. HAH) This is a retarded mindset in my head.. I'll tell you why - If you don't appreciate what you have when you have it and then tell others when they loose it that they still have it, your missing what you have for a fleeting moment. With age comes a chance to recognize what you have and hopefully appreciate it soon enough while it still lasts. I truly believe this... a match stick only burns once. I REPEAT. A MATCH STICK ONLY BURNS ONCE... then its back to the carbon chain, your nothing but broken down elements being used by the system. Nothing wrong with that, its what the universe is all based on. We search for a God, someone to avoid the truth of the system, sure that's the curse of sentience, that annoying self aware thing that makes us scramble for a simple answer to an almost infinite problem.

Now let me say that now Ive said a rather gloom and doom statement in some peoples eyes, I friggen love the system and love life and love what I have... My life is fucking tits up awesome, an insanely hot, loving girl that loves me without demanding anything but my love easily returned, a home that's cozy warm full of cats that cuddle and a bevy of motorcycles to ride. I have friends that care for me, that are my family that I respect and adore.. I wish i could spend enough time with all of them because they are worth twice my time and attention. What a world I have! Am I getting older? Yep? Have I the reflexes I had 20 years ago? Nope!

Age isn't in your head, Dieing isn't in your head, these are things that are part of life.. and when someone tells me its in my head i smile.. not wanting to waste the time informing them they are saying one of the stupidest things Ive ever heard.. because in my opinion that's like someone chopping off their own fingers and saying they will grow back. Unless your part octopus, they are not coming back. So enjoy your fingers, stay away from knives (I'f you ARE part octopus get a job in the circus) and enjoy today, because its not coming back tomorrow. Now all this talk about octopus has me craving sushi.

Oh and my google phone 0wns so hard and here is a pretty picture i took a while ago I found in my library...

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It's ok, old man, we love you anyway :-) I actually have found (not that I've had that much to deal with) that I'm feeling way more comfortable in my now slightly broken down body than I did when I was ten years younger in my fully functional one :-)

Did you get the nexus one?

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