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A day full of FUN!
So today was fun. NO.. FUN!!! I got up, threw some guns in a backpack with some ammo and ear protection and jumped on my MV Agusta. Rode up twisty mountain roads to a gun range where I met some friends and shot targets, bottles n stuff.. with an hour of sunlight left I rode down highway 9 toward downtown Santa Cruz, for some hot coffee, then sauntered over to my favorite pub for a glass of wine next to a fire. On the ride home I snagged some red meat and cooked up some steak for Cindy and I. This is what I call a great day with no issues at all. I hope all my friends get these kind of days often. :)

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you bastard.... nice shot :-)

how do you get the lsd effect on some of these pictures.. the crystal clear, billion colors in 1 pixel..type look> if that makes sense.....lol

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