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on the road..
so im on the road for a week.. and its fun fun fun... so lets start with Wednesday -

I rode down highway 1 enjoying the view, loving the day.. There were 3 places where they had 1 way road with traffic lights letting traffic go one way then another.. these are AWESOME for a motorcycle.. you slide by the people and grab the front of the line and you get open road with no idiots from Wisconsin (or Kansas or wherever flat) that drive in absolute terror. ANYWAY.. a few miles down the road from one of these spots i found a Harley rider by the side of the road with a flat tire. He was angry since he had a new tire and it had a nail in it. So I sit down as he paced around trying to find cellular signal (impossible even if he had a 40 foot tower to climb) I pulled out the nail with my leatherman.. he was looking like i was doing MORE damage.. i broke out my rasp and cleaned up the hole. It looked to him like i was butchering the tire. (this guy had the total Harley asshole attitude that i loathe) Just as he is about to scream at me like i was some sadist i pulled out my plug gun and shot a mushroom into the tire. I sliced off the trim with a razor and whipped out my portable electric pump and filled up his tire. It was so alien to him - most harley riders ride by without even stopping ever help. He asks me how far the tire will take him - i say probably the life of the tire. :) I put the pump away and he asks me how much he owes me. As I pull away I tell him "Do me a favor, help another rider, Japanese or German, American or Italian if you can.. pass it on"... now that i think of it i should of added "but none of those god damn brit bike owners" just to confuse him some... :)

Thursday I rode to my friends in palm desert and drank and had fun and swam in their pool and ate steak. This is good. TODAY though i rode to LA and got cooked alive in 110 degree heat.. but it got exciting when a semi had a major axel failure and 2 wheels and tires still joined together broke free in front of me and i watched them hit the concrete wall rubbing against them so hard and fast they caught fire.. I swerved as the wheels went heading back back tward traffic now on fire.. Honestly if it wasnt the entire peril factor I would have figured out a way to get it on video with my phone.. but i swerved and watched them cause 3 cars to run into each other avoiding them. Action adventure movie time! WOHOO!